Get your first Best Of calendar and prepare for a special Micrograph Award

2020 has been a turbulent year. We have all had to learn how to adapt to the new situation of a worldwide pandemic. We hope you are all safe and healthy and have adapted OK to the “new normal” by now. At Raith we have had to make some changes too, but have fortunately been able to manage well throughout this crisis. However, one of the things that had to change was our annual Micrograph Award. We decided not to hold the Award this year as many of our customers have not been able to work as much as they usually do, plus a trip to a conference is really not something we can advertise at the moment.

Micrograph Award – postponed!

But of course we do still want to see what you are working on and give some special recognition to the extraordinary work our customers do. We will therefore postpone the Micrograph Award to early next year, and then hold a special edition with two chances for you to win! So make sure to check out our website regularly and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to catch announcements.

Get your free calendar

Despite the postponement of the Micrograph Award, we did not want to forego the chance of designing a wall calendar for the upcoming year for all of you. And as everything is a bit different this year, our calendar is too. We put together a Best Of selection from all micrographs that have ever been submitted to the Micrograph Award and used them to create the calendar. Make sure to order your free copy here! We will send out the calendars after receiving your order and hope you enjoy them throughout the upcoming year.

Get your free calendar here