Full Service Provider for Nanofabrication Instrumentation

As a leading precision technology manufacturer Raith provides cutting edge research and industry solutions all over the world.

Corporate Profile

Raith offers innovative instrument solutions for electron and ion beam lithography, nanofabrication, nanoengineering and reverse engineering.


Founded in Dortmund, Germany, in 1980 the company´s first decade of operations focused on special ancillary developments for scanning electron microscopes.

Mission & Vision

Raith supports researchers and process engineers in universities and industries all over the world. These people benefit from the company´s core expertise in innovative, intelligently configured high-tech systems.

Raith aims to cultivate a lifelong partnership with its customers, with regular dialog and in-depth exchange of ideas and experience, thus helping them stay at the forefront of research, development, and industry. 


What kind of experiences have you had with Raith?

Read more about customers describing their experiences and impressions of Raith products and solutions.


Micrograph Award

Raith call on all users to submit their remarkable micrographs to us with the chance of winning attractive prizes.


We translate our collaboration-based management style, intercultural and international team work into products and services fulfilling our clients` demanding requirements. Diversity is seen as a “must have” in Raith`s international business environment and additionally as a unique chance to secure innovation. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

For Raith, entrepreneurship involves responsibility for our employees, our customers and suppliers, but also for our fellow human beings and for the natural world in general. 

This responsibility is anchored in our corporate strategy and gets monitored with an annual CSR report. To request the full CSR report, please send an email to compliance@raith.de

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