Raith is seeking a versatile Applications Scientist at Raith’s International Applications Center in Troy, NY for its Electron-beam lithography (EBL) systems. Working together with Raith’s highly-talented and motivated team of nanofabrication and instrumentation experts, the Applications Scientist will join the global Raith applications team in providing expert EBL applications support for Raith’s growing community of nanoscale research and development professionals.  In joining Raith’s mission, the Applications Scientist will critically enable cutting-edge research in a broad range of fields like quantum computing, photonics, plasmonics, electronics, 2D materials etc. 

Raith is a medium-sized, steadily growing company with a team-oriented, international corporate culture. Raith supports researchers and process engineers working in university, government, and industrial facilities worldwide.  Our customers benefit from Raith’s core expertise in innovative, intelligently-configured high-technology instrumentation.  Raith aims to cultivate a lifelong partnership with our customers, with regular dialog and in-depth exchange of ideas and experience, thus helping our customer community stay at the forefront of research, development, and device production. 

Raith’s Applications Scientist will have a passion for nanoscale instrumentation, experience with EBL, and a background in the physical sciences or engineering.  Candidates with 5 or more years of experience with EBL and nanofabrication processes will be considered.  Please apply by email with a PDF attachment to Bonny Felton at careers@raithamerica.com.

Applications Scientist for Electron-beam Lithography Instrumentation (m/f/d)


· Generate results that positively verify Raith instrument performance on a variety of applications.
· Generate ideas for and drive the development of new applications features and products.
· Be the tool owner responsible for all aspects of the day-by-day operation of the dedicated, state-of-the-art demo EBPG EBL system in Raith America’s International Applications Center in Troy, NY.
· Provide applications support to customers in the Americas to ensure the optimum performance of the EBPG product for their specific needs.
· Represent Raith America in the nanofabrication community through publications and presentations at conferences, customer events, workshops, etc.
· Support Raith sales and customer support colleagues who share our mission in growing and supporting the EBPG installation base.


· Exceptional team working and communication skills are critically important, as well as being results-driven.
· Outstanding problem solving skills and experience in nanofabrication processes and results qualification.
· Ph.D. in physics, materials science, electrical engineering, or related field.
· 5 or more years of hands-on experience with EBL, with a solid knowledge of the relevant technologies and processes.
· Direct experience with Raith EBPG or comparable EBL technologies preferred.

Raith America International Applications Center
300 Jordan Road, Troy, New York 12180
Bonny Felton • Finance & HR Coordinator• careers@raithamerica.com


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