Market introduction of FIB-SEM VELION

In early 2018, Raith presented VELION, the new FIB-SEM for FIB-centric nanofabrication. With its unique set-up of a vertical FIB-column it allows for versatile use in four different operation modes. It is designed to meet the most demanding requirements in both R&D nano prototyping and sample preparation and microscopy.

New joint venture: Raith China

To better serve customers in China and meet the needs of this fast-growing market, Raith and its long-standing partners German Tech Co. Ltd. found the joint venture Raith China Co. Ltd.

Market introduction of Multi Sample Exposure

Raith’s new Multi Sample Exposure Package is the most straightforward nanolithography software user interface on the market. The software options simplifies and consolidates exposures of multiple samples from different users and user levels in a single run, and takes a giant leap forward towards the development of nano printers.

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