Market introduction of NanoSense

Raith NanoSense for eLINE Plus and ionLINE is Raith’s solution for in-situ surface sensing and nanoprofilometry for focused electron and ion beam induced process verification. Qualification of FEBIP/FIBIP processes becomes far more efficient and can be done in-situ within minutes.

Raith celebrates its 35th anniversary

To mark the occasion of the foundation of the Raith Company 35 years ago, the company’s management invite their employees, sales and business partners, and friends to a festive RAITH Anniversary Gala in Dortmund to express their warm thanks for their continuing strong and successful business relationships.

Market Introduction of PIONEER Two

Raith introduces the new PIONEER Two to the market, complementing its portfolio of multi-technique electron beam lithography tools based on thermal field emission (TFE) technology. As an evolution of the former PIONEER, it combines ultra-high-resolution electron beam lithography with scanning electron microscope imaging in a single tool.

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