Raith introduced the annual Micrograph award to encourage users sharing interesting results and attractive micrographs with the nanofabrication community.

Micrograph Award

Raith instruments users should publish and share their interesting results and attractive micrographs with the large international user community.

How to enter

To participate in the award you should submit up to three micrographs of applications showing nanostructures which were created using Raith ion or electron beam lithography systems. Multiple submissions are welcomed, provided that each submission covers a different application and the micrographs within a submission all cover the same application. Please note, each single submission requires a new registration. In addition to your address details, a micrograph description as well as a brief overview about your scientific motivation is to be specified. We also accept pictures showing "accidents" as long as they are displaying a unique nano- or microstructure.

Condition of participation

All Raith electron beam system and Raith SEM attachment users can participate, except Raith staff members or Raith partners staff members. Submissions may be used for marketing purposes.

Appraisal criterions

The Raith application team will decide the winner of the award and apply the following criteria for the three most attractive micrographs
  • Uniqueness of nano structure
  • Technical quality of the image
  • Description of micrograph


1st prize

Raith will sponsor the participation of an international nanotechnology related conference including flight and accommodation.

2nd prize
Amazon Voucher
3rd prize
Amazon Voucher

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