Winning Notification

Raith expresses its gratitude to all Raith system users who make for this award by submitting their results and thus share their work with Raith and their mutual worldwide community of electron beam lithography and FIB nanofabrication users in R&D.


Winners of Raith Micrograph Award 2018

1st place

Christiaan Bekker, University of Queensland, Australia

Broadband-tunable double disk electro-optomechanical system with integrated gold electrodes


2nd place

Sedighe Salimian, Laboratorio NEST, Italy

Buried Split-Gate-Defined Graphene Quantum Point Contacts


3rd place

Denver Linklater, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Silicon nanowires promoting anti-bacterial behaviour


3rd place

Xiaoyang Duan, Heidelberg University, Germany

Dynamic plasmonic pixel color generation by reversable H-loading


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