Prof. Dr. Wolfram Pernice, WWU Münster, Germany:

“We have already been using a Raith EBPG and an ELPHY on a FIB-SEM microscope for years and were always satisfied with the performance and ease of use of the systems. With VELION, Raith now offers a FIB-dedicated nanofabrication tool which allows us to further expand our research and strengthen our FIB patterning capabilities.

With its sophisticated FIB technology including non-Ga capabilities, highest-fidelity sample stage and dedicated patterning engine, VELION is the perfect addition to our set of instruments, and enables us to follow a dedicated strategy for extending R&D nanofabrication expertise and equipment.

We expect numerous additional and exciting nano structures and scientific results in the area of photonics, quantum technology, plasmonics, and 3D patterned surfaces for life science applications. We are very happy to enter into the cooperation with Raith and their FIB nanofabrication experts and look forward to unique opportunities for various projects.”

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