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Sketch & Peel Method with Gold and Silicon Focused Ion Beams

The novel simplified and very fast technique called “sketch & peel” is presented with FIB employing Au and Si ion beams. When cutting only the outline of e.g. plasmonic features in a gold layer with intentionally bad adhesion, one can remove the large gold parts by scotch tape method. This work allows for patterning large areas in a very fast and still resistless way and is based on a collaboration with Hunan University.

Cathodoluminescence lithography 

The merging of cathodoluminescence spectroscopy and electron beam lithography for the innovative inspection and fabrication of optical devices is being discussed by studying nanodiamonds dropcasted on a silicon chip.

Reference markers for e-beam lithography by Electron Beam Induced Deposition

In order to functionalize nano-materials like grapheneflakes or nano-wires through electron-beam patterning, reference markers on the substrate are necessary. An alternative to the common cumberstone process is presented: Electron Induced Deposition (EBID) allows the marker fabrication and imaging for selecting the flakes/wires in the same system the patterning is done and therefore offers a much more straight-forward approach.

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