Downloads: Scientific publications

  1. Nanofabrication using focused ion beams
    (This article first appeared in the March 2018 issue of Microscopy & Analysis magazine)(PDF)
  2. Comparison of technologies for nano device prototyping with a special focus on ion beams: A review
    (Please note, this article is published in Applied Physics Reviews Open Access under the CC-BY license)(PDF)
  3. A Reverse Engineering Approach for Imaging Neuronal Architecture - Large-Area, High-Resolution SEM imaging
    (this article was originally published in Microscopy Today, Volume 24, Issue 05, September 2016, pp 28-33. Thanks to Microscopy Today and Cambridge University Press for permission to distribute this article.)(PDF)
  4. Essential Knowledge Briefing Guide: FIB Nanofabrication
    (the EKB was originally published by Wiley, Microscopy and Analysis)(PDF)

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