Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all events are canceled. So we are putting together some webinar series. The first series focussed on FIB-SEM nanofabrication, the second will cover topics around EBL and metrology.

In the FIB-SEM webinar series - consisting of three different sessions - we presented the unique capabilities of the VELION for large area patterning as well as employing ion species beyond gallium to enable numerous applications in the field in nanoscale science and engineering. Watch the webinars here

The EBL and metrology webinar series consists of three different sessions as well and focuses on different aspects of electron beam lithography including metrology and large area imaging.  Sign up for the webinars below.

More webinars will follow, so make sure you follow us on linkedin, instagram and facebook or subscribe for our Newsletter to not miss it!


WEBINAR - Nanodevice Optimization by Automated Large Area Imaging and Metrology

Date: August 5th

Time: 4 pm, CEST


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