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Finally, we also offer the Raith Users Technical Session, which includes the traditional self-organized user group for the EBPG and VB product lines, and which now includes a new user group for other Raith products (VOYAGER, VELION, RAITH150, eLINE, PIONEER, ELPHY, and ionLINE).  This event is focused on technical and customer support aspects and offers the opportunity to directly raise and discuss any issues relating to operating your Raith instruments on a daily basis, as well as discussing experiences and best practices with your colleagues. 

Raith Users Technical Session  - Saturday, June 1st, 2019, 8:30am - 1:30pm

Location: Minnesota Nano Center (MNC), University of Minnesota, 115 Union St. SE, 140 Physics & Nanotechnology Building, Minneapolis, MN 55455


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As mentioned above, there exists a self-organized user group formed by customers that own an EBPG or VB instrument that goes back many years. This meeting was started by the common interest of improving the complex and challenging daily operation of electron beam lithography equipment and taking advantage of the fact that the customers and company experts were at the same place at the same time every year at EIPBN (and travel was already approved by the respective organizations). The EBPG / VB users group acts independently and the company is basically a guest at the event and sponsors it. Likewise, Raith has a new users group at the Users Technical Session for VOYAGER, VELION RAITH150, eLINE, PIONEER, ELPHY, and ionLINE.

Until the leaders for both user group meetings have been confirmed, you may contact Joe Klingfus from Raith America for further information at +1-218-483-1267 or

Here is the preliminary agenda for the Raith Users Technical Session:




Presentations from User Community 


GenISys presentation


Split into three separate groups:  

  1. EBPG series
  2. VB series

Raith technical experts from customer support and the factories will be present at each group and we will:

    • Outline technical updates to systems
    • Present a service update
    • Review the issues list from previous meetings
    • Raise new topics or wishes, and share experiences




End of meeting

Please freely distribute this invitation to colleagues who might be interested in attending.  Register early as space is limited.  Please RSVP by Friday May 17.

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