Raith at the MNE 2017

The MNE 2017 is one of the major conferences in the field of micro- and nanoengineering, bringing together engineers and scientists for the 43rd time. This year’s edition will be held in Braga, Portugal.

Like every year, Raith will be present at the MNE, and we are looking forward to discussing recent and future developments in the field of nanofabrication with you. Come and visit us at our booth and check out the other activities we have planned (see below):

Scientific program

During this year’s MNE, Raith will make various contributions to the scientific program, focusing on FIB nanofabrication with different approaches. The following three abstracts have been approved and the corresponding posters will be presented at the poster session:

  • Large Area and 3-dimensional shaped X-ray Zone Plates Fabricated by Gallium and Gold focused ion beam
    Advanced patterning strategies for large, 3D and high-resolution X-ray devices will be discussed on the basis of the fabrication of Fresnel zone plates and 3D kinoform X-ray lenses. Together with the May-Planck Institute MPI-IS in Stuttgart these complex structures were milled with an Au focused ion beam in gold layers and other membrane materials.
  • New approach for fast large are FIB patterning
    The novel simplified and very fast technique called “sketch & peel” will be presented with FIB employing Au and Si ion beams. When cutting only the outline of e.g. plasmonic features in a gold layer with intentionally bad adhesion, one can remove the large gold parts by scotch tape method. This work allows for patterning large areas in a very fast and still resistless way and is based on a collaboration with Hunan University.
  • Cathodoluminescence lithography
    The merging of cathodoluminescence spectroscopy and electron beam lithography for the innovative inspection and fabrication of optical devices will be discussed by  studying  nanodiamonds dropcasted on a silicon chip.

Raith User Meeting

Following the tradition, Raith will host a User Meeting during the MNE. Raith users are invited to discuss the latest developments within our community and connect with other nanofabrication professionals. Click here to find out more about the User Meeting and how to sign up.


Another user meeting hold annually at the MNE is the European Lithography Beamwriter User’s Meeting (ELBUM) that brings together users and experts of Raith EBPG and VB tools. Click here to find out more about ELBUM.

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