Raith at the Microscopy & Microanalysis 2017

The Microscopy & Microanalysis 2017 Meeting is held in St. Louis from August 6-10, 2017. Raith is excited to attend the M&M and is looking forward to meet your there.

Visit us at our booth # 929 and find out how Raith Nanofabrication Instruments enable:

  • Automated large Area SEM Image Acquisition
  • Automated CD SEM Metrology, Linewidth and Placement Measurements
  • Electrical Probing and FIB Nanofabrication


Furthermore the first 50 visitors at the Raith booth will receive a stylish "I ♥ Nano" T-shirt.


Scientific contributions

X61 FIB Applications and Equipment Developments, Sunday August 6, 2017

  • Focused Ion Beam patterning:  A review - Some new insights and forgotten lessons
    by Dr. Jacques Gierak, Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies, France
  • FIB nanofabrication for plasmonics and photonics
    by Dr. Jason E. Sanabia, Raith America, Inc., USA

A05 Advances in FIB Instrumentation and Applications in Materials and Biological Sciences, Date TBD

  • FIB nanowriter developments: Challenging the paradigm, progress, and perspectives
    by Dr. Jacques Gierak, Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies, France


Lunch & Learn, Tutorials and instrument demonstrations

With contributions to M&M's Pre-Meeting Congress and Scientific Program, highly interesting topics covered during Lunch & Learn and Tutorials, and available instrument demonstrations, there will be several opportunities to learn about Raith's multi-functional SEM and FIB nanofabrication instruments.  Space for these opportunities is limited, so advanced registration is required.


Lunch & Learn #1 - Tuesday August 8, 12:15 PM

Large area SEM for automated inspection, "CD-SEM-Lite" metrology, and reverse engineering  
by Jason E. Sanabia, Raith America, Inc., USA

Register for Lunch & Learn #1


Demonstration - Tuesday August 8, 4:00 PM

eLINE Plus for EBL, large area SEM inspection, CAD navigation and overlay, CD-SEM-Lite metrology, and accurate SEM image stitching  
by Joel Fridmann, Raith America, Inc., USA

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Lunch & Learn #2 - Wednesday August 9, 12:15 PM

nanoFIB technologies for engraving at the nanoscale  
by Jacques Gierak, Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies, France

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Tutorial - Wednesday August 9, 5:30 PM

FOV mapping and laser interferometer stage technologies for large area SEM   
by Joe Klingfus, Raith America, Inc., USA

To Register, please visit the M&M MegaBooth at the Exhibition


Lunch & Learn #3 - Thursday August 10, 12:15 PM

Focused ion beam and electron beam lithography for nanofabrication  
by Frank Nouvertné, Raith GmbH, Germany

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At the Missouri University of Science and Technology

Live Demonstration of eLINE Plus - Friday August 11, 10:00 AM  

The Advanced Materials and Characterization Laboratory at the Missouri University of Science and Technology has agreed to make their new eLINE Plus available for demonstration right after  the M&M conference.  This is an excellent opportunity for an in depth experience with the eLINE Plus's electron beam lithography, large area SEM inspection, metrology, image stitching, focused electron beam induced processing, and nanomanipulation capabilities.  

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