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To learn about new technologies, trends and opportunities in the nanoworld is the objectives of our webinars. We want our customers to learn about new developments in electron beam lithography, ion beam nanofabrication and large-area imaging / reverse engineering.

Wafer Scale Device Fabrication And Electrical Characterisation For Graphene & 2D Materials

Almost 15 years ago seminal experiments uncovered the fascinating properties of graphene. First being a playground for fundamental physics studies, it has now evolved into a healthy wave of development activities to harness the superlative properties of this fascinating class of materials. In particular, applications in integrated photonics, light emitting devices and new channel materials for more-than-moore technologies are showing promising value propositions over incumbent solutions.

This webinar is giving you an overview of wafer-scale device fabrication and characterization technologies that would drive development of graphene and 2D materials based technology to the next stage of technology readiness. Three different aspects of graphene/2D device development work are covered, i.e., materials fabrication, lithography and non-destructive electrical characterisation

This webinar was delivered in conjunction with Oxford Instruments.

Perfecting Large Area, High Resolution SEM Imaging with 3D-Stitching

This webinar explains how the combination of the resolution and flexibility of an SEM with the stability and automation of an electron beam lithography system can help solve issues with throughput and stitching errors that are often associated with large area, high resolution SEM image applications in semiconductor reverse engineering, material science and life science (e.g. connectomics).

This webinar was delivered in conjunction with Microscopy & Analysis.

Watch the webinar in full:

Watch the webinar in parts:

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Raith instruments and introduction CHIPSCANNER

Part 3: Semiconductor Reverse Engineering

Part 4: Connectomics (reverse engineering of neuronal circuits) 

Part 5: Summary and Outlook

Part 6: Q&A session

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