Raith offers different workshops for users and operators who have already gained some wider experience with Raith systems.

Electron Beam Lithography Workshop I: Proximity effect and correction


The purpose of this workshop is to establish a deeper understanding of the proximity effect (PE) in electron beam lithography.

The physical background of the effect is explained briefly, as well as methods to avoid the influence of the [PE]. Another focus is the usage of Raith software package for proximity effect correction.

After the workshop the participants should be able to estimate the impact of the PE to their application and know either how to circumvent the effect or how to correct the dose distribution of their pattern.


  • General explanation of proximity effect in electron beam lithography (talk)
  • Introduction to Raith proximity effect correction software (talk & off-line session)
  • Correction of participants' GDSII designs (off-line session)
  • Exposure of the participants` patterns and investigation of the results (practical session)
  • Determination of proximity effect parameters (talk & practical session)



Raith head office in Dortmund, Germany



Workshops are offered upon request. Please get in touch with us to find a suitable date.



1,190.00 Euro total (incl. 19% VAT)


Contact Person

Guido Piaszenski

Phone: +49 (0)231 / 95004 - 114

Email: guido.piaszenski@raith.de


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