Raith offers different workshops for users and operators who have already gained some wider experience with Raith systems.

Electron Beam Lithography Workshop IV: Nanoengineering options


The workshop gives users a general physical background of process technology and enables the user to gain first hand experience of the Raith nanoengineering options.

The workshop includes training seminars, as well as off-line and several practical sessions. It introduces the user into the hardware setup needed for nanoengineering options, such as the gas injection system, nano manipulators and EDX. Moreover useful start parameters and methods for process optimization are discussed.

A presentation introduces the user to the Raith software modules of the nanoengineering options.

The Raith nanoengineering workstation is demonstrated with a practical session on EBID, nano manipulation and EDX. The off-line session provides the user the opportunity to become acquainted with the Raith software and to ask specific, parameter and application related questions. Working on a PC with the Raith software in two succeeding practical sessions, the user can apply the knowledge learned and gain first hands on experience with the Raith nanoengineering options.

In order to encourage the knowledge exchange within the workshop every participant is requested to introduce his field of research and their application during the first session and restrict his presentation to approximately three slides or five minutes.



Raith head office in Dortmund, Germany



Workshops are offered upon request. Please get in touch with us to find a suitable date.



1,190.00 Euro total (incl. 19% VAT)


Contact Person

Axel Rudzinski

Phone: +49 (0)231 / 95004 - 115

Email: axel.rudzinski@raith.de


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