Raith offers different workshops for users and operators who have already gained some wider experience with Raith systems.

Ion Beam Lithography Workshop III: IBL advanced applications



The purpose of this workshop is to receive background information on the special characteristics of a focused ion beam as well as to learn about the range of Ion Beam Lithography (IBL) techniques in nanofabrication.

Both the spot characteristics and the interaction mechanism with the sample are significantly different for an ion beam compared to an electron beam, so that a short introduction to the physical background will be given. Moreover the ion beam provides a full range of universal techniques at different stages of the nanofabrication process: resist exposure for a conventional lithography approach, hard masking (milling or implantation) for saving the resist related steps or even direct milling of the functional layer. This requires specific knowledge of the according techniques and optimized patterning parameters.

In general, IBL offers complementary advantages in terms of direct and 3-dimensional nanofabrication, which may also help to reduce the total number of steps in the overall process. Therefore benefits of combining EBL and IBL by using dedicated lithography tools will also be discussed.



  • Specials of ion generation and beam spot characteristics
  • Interaction mechanism with sample, imaging and sputter yield
  • How to deal with interaction for optimization of process parameter
  • Range of available patterning techniques
  • Advanced IBL Nanofabrication
  • Patterning on Image and advanced lithography approach
  • Long-term, high resolution processing with automation
  • Special approaches for membranes or 3D samples
  • Outlook on advantages of new ion species beyond Gallium



Raith head office in Dortmund, Germany



April 25 - 26, 2017



1,190.00 Euro total (incl. 19% VAT)


Contact Person

Achim Nadzeyka

Phone: +49 (0)231 / 95004 - 227

Email: achim.nadzeyka@raith.de


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