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The growing Raith users community in North America came together at EIPBN 2015

The EIPBN Conference is the premier conference on the science and technology of nanopatterning focusing on electron and ion beam nanofabrication, among other technologies. This year the conference was held in San Diego, America's Finest City, only a stone’s throw from one of the most advanced EBL systems on the West Coast, the EBPG5200 that serves as the core nanofabrication capability of the Nano3 facility at Calit2, University of California, San Diego.

Intensive knowledge exchange

Every year, EIPBN is a valuable opportunity for Raith’s lithography community to exchange their expertise as well as latest scientific achievements enabled by Raith’s state-of-the-art lithography technology. Among the numerous, groundbreaking contributions from our customer base, our partner and invited speaker Jacques Gierak from LPN-CNRS in France has presented deep insights into the unique liquid metal ion source technology that is allowing the ionLINE FIB instrument to deliver unrivaled beam stability for long-term nanofabrication tasks with highest precision, repeatability and reliability. The same session about innovative focused ion beam technology has been enhanced further by Sven Bauerdick, ionLINE Product Manager, who was highlighting how improved instrumentation and patterning strategies are helping with FIB nanofabrication of extended, large-area devices that involve continuous, stitching-error free nanostructures. 

Lecture about Electron Beam Lithography

With the intention to bring researchers new to the field of nanofabrication up to speed on the fundamentals of techniques, such as electron beam lithography and FIB nanofabrication, a dedicated short course has been arranged by EIPBN. Our longtime RAITH150 and ELPHY customer Leonidas Ocola from the Center for Nanoscale Materials at Argonne National Laboratory gave a lecture about Electron Beam Lithography followed by a contribution from Jason Sanabia, President and CEO of Raith America, Inc., about how FIB nanofabrication helps to identify and answer today’s pressing questions in science and engineering, first.

Raith users dinner and technological knowledge exchange

Following the well-established tradition, our users have been invited to gather for some intense knowledge exchange, and also to simply enjoy dinner and a good glass of wine together with friends and like-minded researchers. Due to the wide-ranging diversity of today’s Raith product portfolio, reaching from highly flexible solutions for multi-technique academic research to dedicated systems for productive and industrial applications, two individual Raith Users Meetings have been arranged to serve the needs of both user communities in a most efficient manner. New, innovative EBL patterning strategies enabling perfectly smooth edges of any curved structures as well as free form electron beam lithography on highly topographic surfaces have been discussed.  Ideas and suggestions for future technological development have been collected from our growing user base to ensure Raith’s lithography solutions will remain the first choice to tackle future, even more demanding applications.

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