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Raith Micrograph Award 2015

As in recent years, Raith once again aims to encourage all its system users to share their work with Raith and the worldwide community of electron and ion beam users by competing in this year’s Micrograph Award. All Raith system users are invited to submit their outstanding micrographs and interesting results, which will then be judged according to the uniqueness of their nanostructures, the technical quality of the images and the descriptions of micrographs. The best contribution will be rewarded with attendance of an international nanotechnology-related conference including flight and accommodation, while the second and third prizewinners will receive Amazon vouchers. To take a look at last year’s winners and their results, visit the Raith website, where you will also find detailed information on conditions of participation, registration and prizes. http://raith.com/company/micrograph-award.html

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