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Raith NANO 2015 - Complete overview about Solutions for Electron Beam Lithography and FIB Nanofabrication

As every year, the 21st Raith NANO seminar, held early 2015 in Dortmund, Germany, invited professional speakers from the world of nanofabrication and Raith experts to present news and updates on state-of-the-art lithography technology in informative talks and hands on-sessions.

“Our priorities are to offer our participants useful technical information as well as an effective platform for networking within the community,” says Dirk Brüggemann, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Raith GmbH. These intense knowledge and expertise exchanges are indeed what distinguish Raith NANO from other seminars.

The seminar started with an introductory talk by Thomas Kraus, University of York, UK about photonic nanostructures enabled by VOYAGER. In the afternoon Vitaliy Guzenko from Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland explained how Dedicated Electron Beam Lithography works with Raith´s ultra- high-performance EBPG system. Following this, Electron Beam Lithography for surface acoustic wave (SAW) and graphene-based devices was discussed by Adrian Dinescu, IMT Bucharest, Romania. 

Split Sessions for EBL and FIB Nanofabrication

A special feature of 2015 was the offer of split sessions held simultaneously for EBL and FIB Nanofabrication. Participants were able to choose their specific field of interest and visit the colloquium that best fitted their area of work. Saulius Juodkazis from Swinburne University, Australia closed the day with his FIB talk “High precision fabrication for light management at nanoscale“.

In the morning of the seminar’s second day Karl Jacobs, University of Cologne, Germany presented valuable insights into Electron Beam Lithography in the fabrication of superconducting detectors for airborne astrophysics at terahertz frequencies.

Following Raith´s long-standing tradition, the seminar ended with informative professional hands-on sessions and an insight into Raith solutions and systems including ionLINE, eLINE Plus and VOYAGER.

A highlight this year was definitely the carpet curling game, held as a social event on the seminar´s first evening. “It was great to see everybody having so much fun engaged in this kind of activity – and also provided a very good opportunity for everyone to get to know each other personally,” noted Christel Rückstein, who organized the whole event for Raith.                 

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