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Raith EBPG5200 EBL system installed at the National Graphene Institute (NGI), University of Manchester

Raith was selected in 2014 by the National Graphene Institute (NGI), Manchester, UK to supply a dedicated and advanced Electron Beam Lithography system. The Raith EBPG5200 system has now been installed and accepted on site at the NGI’s impressive new facility.

Raith is very proud to be selected by one of the world’s leading centers of graphene research and commercialization. The Raith EBPG system supplied to the NGI is pre-eminently suited for the requirements of the center. It is outstanding for use in basic and applied research as well as for transition, with the ability to multiply the results of the research over complete wafer sizes, with ultra-fast writing throughput for EBL concept design, and with loading of multiple wafers simultaneously.

NGI brief

The £61m National Graphene Institute (NGI) will be the world’s leading centre of graphene research and commercialization. It will be home to graphene scientists not only from The University of Manchester, but also from across the UK, partnering with leading commercial organisations interested in producing the applications of the future. One of the truly remarkable qualities of graphene is the range of disciplines it spans, which means that scientists across numerous academic schools and faculties at The University of Manchester are involved in researching the material. Once the NGI opens, we would expect to see many more joining the University to continue research into graphene and other 2D material applications. The NGI is funded by £38m from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and £23m from the European Regional Development Fund.

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