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PIONEER Two – the new EBL and SEM Hybrid System

Raith is proud to present the new PIONEER Two, complementing the portfolio of multi-technique Electron Beam Lithography tools based on thermal field emission (TFE) technology. PIONEER Two combines Ultra High Resolution Electron Beam Lithography with Scanning Electron Microscope Imaging in a single tool. Offering the smallest beam size of any professional EBL system in the world in addition to compact design and very low cost of ownership, it is the perfect solution for all academic institutions seeking an affordable and user-friendly solution that allows nanofabrication as well as inspection of nanostructures.

With very competitive guaranteed system specs and a broad application bandwidth, the PIONEER Two by far outperforms all state-of-the-art SEMs with pattern generator.

The small beam size of <1.6 nm is made possible by the latest electron optics technology. It permits guaranteed standard sub-8 nm nanolithography, but also SEM imaging and analysis at ultra-high resolution to the order of 1 nm using a variety of up to 5 different (optional) detectors, which are also suitable for material and life science applications. To allow the highest positioning accuracy for large-area EBL as well as for image acquisition, PIONEER Two is equipped with a modern high-precision 2-inch Laser Interferometer Stage and uniquely provides fully integrated functions for continuous rotation (360°) and tilting (0-90°) of the stage for ease of SEM imaging.

The configurable platform is designed to match application needs and can be customized and field-upgraded at any time, so that adaption to changing research trends in future or optimization of performance is possible even long after the initial system purchase.

The system is intuitive and easy to use, equipped with a smart multi-user management system to avoid “interference” between multiple users of different skill levels. Every user’s design data, process flow and parameter file administration is personalized, so that system operators always find “their system” in the state they have left it.

PIONEER Two closes the gap between SEM pattern generator combinations and throughput-oriented wafer-scale lithography systems, and is therefore the ideal nanolithography-SEM hybrid at an affordable price.


Raith's unique Laser Interferometer Controlled Stage with integrated compucentric rotation/tilt functionality for the entire sample holder to preserve full SEM functionality
Freestanding multi-terminal graphene device; M.Kühne et al., MPI Stuttgart, Germany

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