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RAITH150 Service Tool at the Islandia, New York Facility

Raith America, Inc. has recently installed a used RAITH150 system at the Islandia, New York facility.  This ‘Service Tool’ will be used for supporting our customers in the Americas and for training our field service engineers.  Having a dedicated system for service and support activities will greatly improve our capabilities in the field.  The Service Tool is already being used to troubleshoot problems at customer sites, for testing and qualifying repaired parts for stock, and for training our field service staff in basic and advanced service techniques.  We recently hosted our first three-day ‘Service Training’ class, led by Raith GmbH Technical Support Manager Bernd Stegemann, which was attended by six Raith America Service Engineers (see photo).

Left to right: Trent Roudabush, Daniel Mai, Robert Urban, Kevin King, Bernd Stegemann, Chris Horey, and John Lloyd.

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