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Update from Raith America’s International Applications Center in Troy, NY

Raith America´s International Applications Center now operates the latest “Generation 3” eLINE as well as a 100 kV EBPG5200 with all the latest features as dedicated applications systems in our Troy facilities. Here is our Raith America Applications Team (from right to left):


Raith America Applications Team

Joel Fridmann (Applications Scientist) has been the Raith representative at the University of Florida for the past 5 years of his 10 years with the company and has just recently relocated his family to the Albany, NY area where he started working permanently at our Int. Applications Center at the beginning of July 6th. Joel is our primary expert for our ionLINE technology as well as an expert in Raith’s Multi Technique EBL systems and is the tool owner of our demo eLINE system going forward.


Kevin Burcham, PhD (Applications Scientist) works remotely from his home office in Ohio. With more than 11 years of experience with the company and our products, he is our expert in Raith Multi Technique EBL systems, including the VOYAGER, as well as Reverse Engineering and Large-area Imaging. Kevin is travelling frequently to customers to conduct training courses and support them in optimizing the performance of their systems.

Marc Wijnands is a Sen. Service and Applications Engineer and reports to our Service Organization, working out of his Baltimore, MD home office. As an “associate member” of our Applications Team, he frequently contributes his 25-plus years of extremely valuable experience – especially in our EBPG software and in EBPG setups for customer-specific applications.

Lan Zhang, PhD (Senior Applications Scientist) works at the Applications Center in Troy and is our company-wide global applications expert in achieving the best nanofabrication results with our EBPG technology. She is the tool owner of the demo EBPG system. With more than 10 years of experience on an extensive variety of cutting edge e-beam applications, she is working on constantly moving the system’s ultimate resolution and performance forward.

Rainer Schmid (Vice President Applications and Customer Projects) is responsible for the Raith America Applications Team besides his role as Sales Manager for the Northeast region. He is based at the Applications Center in Troy.


The Missions of Raith America’s Applications Team

The Applications Team and the dedicated demo systems at Raith America are part of Raith’s extensive customer support infrastructure and underpin our customer-oriented philosophy. Our goal is to accomplish the following mission for our customers and for Raith America:


  1. Demonstrate the technical capabilities of our products and their usefulness for the nanofabrication community in a tangible way, with application results through system demonstrations, sample work, software demos, and competent interactions with our customers.
  1. Lead and manage customer projects in order to deliver customer orders in a timely and efficient manner.
  2. Represent Raith in the nanofabrication community through (joint) papers, presentations at customer events, workshops, etc.
  3. Support our customers and our customer support organization by replicating faults in the field, supporting customers in advanced daily tasks, and by applying the team’s experience and know-how to support failure analysis.
  4. Support development activities, including specific application development, by converting ideas from the field into solutions by providing expert user input and feedback to the factory R&D teams.

So if you, as a customer, have any questions related to the daily operation of your Raith equipment Raith (besides failures addressed by our service organization), please reach out to us if you need help with anything!

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