Raith NANO 2016 – the perfect opportunity to learn and exchange ideas about EBL and FIB Nanofabrication

Raith organized a two day seminar from February 15th – 17th, 2016, for everybody interested in Electron Beam Lithography or FIB nanofabrication. The 22nd event of its kind, Raith NANO2016 was once again a huge success and not only allowed the participants to learn about state-of-the-art nanofabrication, but also provided an excellent opportunity for interaction between experienced and new participants.

“Next to the aspects of technology, entertainment, and cuisine, I greatly enjoyed the open atmosphere and the numerous possibilities for interaction with the experts from Raith and the other participants”, enthused one attendee after the seminar.

As in previous years, the seminar was divided into informative talks and hands-on-sessions. Day one’s theoretical session was kicked off by Dr. Dan Read from the University of Cardiff with a talk on how his institution uses Electron Beam Lithography in condensed matter physics research. Dr. Georg Schmidt from the University of Halle provided examples of using Electron Beam Lithography with special resist. The participants could then decide whether to attend short sessions about EBL or FIB, both provided by Raith staff.

After the lunch break Janne Laukkanen from the University of Eastern Finland described how the University uses its EBPG system to realize micro- and nanostructures for photonic applications, before Dr. Claus Burkhardt from the Natural and Medical Sciences Institute closed the day’s theoretical session as invited speaker with his talk on FIB for rapid prototyping.

The last talk by an invited speaker was given by Denis Presnov from Moscow State University. On day two he reported on his institution’s use of Electron Beam Lithography at the chip edge for local probes with active nanosensors. The majority of the day was devoted to the practical sessions, where all participants were able to watch Raith instruments like the ionLINE, eLINE Plus, and VOYAGER at work.

“The combination of theoretical, practical, and social elements has been of great benefit to the participants as well as to our staff. It gives everybody the opportunity to learn about the newest updates in state-of-the-art lithography, to exchange ideas, and to network within the community. I am already looking forward to NANO 2017!” says Dirk Brueggemann, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Raith GmbH.

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