Qualifying customers for advanced techniques – Raith offers new workshops

To further enable our customers to make the best possible use of their instruments, Raith has now started to offer technology workshops. The workshops address Raith instrument users and owners seeking to learn more about the various technology processes.

Raith has long been known for its high-quality seminars, courses and workshops. Whether you require a course to learn about the basics of electron beam lithography (LTC) or are interested in more detailed aspects of making the best use of your EBL or IBL tool (product-related workshops), you will find the ideal course for your needs at Raith.

The new series of technology workshops now provides the necessary knowledge for all users of ultra-high resolution EBL, charge compensation, or thick resist for 3D e-beam lithography.  In a two-day course, experienced Raith staff will explain the principles of substrate treatment, resist exposure, and development. The workshop will be split into practical and theoretical sessions to best familiarize trainees with ultra-high resolution EBL based on HSQ. 

We also offer the option of combining the new HSQ workshop with our successful Lithography Training Course. This gives you the opportunity to learn about the basics of electron beam lithography, as well as more advanced techniques such as ultra-high resolution EBL based on HSQ.

Registration has already started, so sign up now for the next workshop – to be held in September 2016.

While the first workshops will be on ultra-high resolution, various other workshops can be offered in line with your individual needs. Just get in touch with us and let’s discuss the possibilities.

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