New Raith support structure in Korea market

Raith and Woowon recently signed an agreement for sales and marketing cooperation in Korea.

With approximately 60 installations of Raith ELPHY and Raith EBL systems eLINE, RAITH150Two, and EBPG already in place at customers, Raith equipment is a major backbone of nanofabrication and Electron Beam Lithography applications in the Korean research community.

“We are excited about our partnership with this global leader in nanofabrication instruments, and are keen to meet Raith clients soon to discuss their future requirements. Furthermore, we are impressed by Raith´s Large Area Imaging solution CHIPSCANNER, which offers significant value in semiconductor IP protection analysis,” says Dr. Hwan Oh, President of Woowon Technologies.

“Woowon is the perfect partner for Raith’s marketing in Korea, combining a deep understanding of Korean customer requirements and an outstanding reputation in offering reliable and professional sales and support skills.  We are looking forward to reaching out not only to academic nanofabrication clients, but also to specific customers in industry which can benefit from Raith´s product portfolio, including our ion beam based nanofabrication solutions,” says Dirk Brueggemann, Vice President Sales and Marketing of Raith.

Raith and Woowon will soon announce Korean user meetings, to foster valuable exchanges and receive information about new trends in nanofabrication solutions. Your contact at Woowon is Simon Mun,

Raith´s Seoul-based service and support staff, who have so far supported the 100kV EBPG product range, will now be trained in other Raith products installed in Korea, with professional support from the regional support hub of Raith Asia in Hong Kong to ensure the highest level of technical support in Korea.

Woowon can be reached under the following address:

Woowon Technology Co., Ltd

19F, Parkview Tower
248, Jeongail-ro

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