The new EBPG5150 - Select First-choice Evolutionary Technology

To maintain its position at the leading edge of research and development, Raith has always offered its customers the most affordable and best possible technical solutions. Consistent with this policy, we are proud to present a new system within our portfolio: the EBPG5150.
This is a further evolutionary development based upon the EBPG5200 and the highly successful EBPG5000 series, which has now been in production for over 15 years.

The EBPG5000 has therefore incorporated the advantages of the EBPG5200 series updates by following a common parts strategy with respect to the system plinth and system electronics.  The EBPG5150 replaces the EBPG5000 while retaining all the automation and flexibility of the 5000 series.

Like its sister system, the EBPG5150 is the ideal system for achieving high resolution and accuracy in direct write application. Based on a 155-mm by 155-mm stage platform, it can load a wide variety of substrates from piece parts to full 6-inch wafers.  The system has also been updated with a more efficient and faster pattern generator, offering 50Mhz operation as standard with the option to upgrade to 100MHz. 

For the EBPG series systems, Raith offers the ability to upgrade the systems even after system purchase, which protects customers’ initial investment as well as enabling adaption to future technology changes.

For more details please contact our Sales Manager at or visit our EBPG5150 website.

GaAs T gate device
Split ring resonators, Paul Scherrer Institute

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