Raith EBPG5000 EBL system and 3 ELPHY Nanolithography upgrade kits installed at BINNCAS

Raith installed an EBPG5000 at the Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems (BINN),Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and finished the first part of training at customer site. The system is installed at the Micro-Nano fabrication center in the institute and will provide service and support to all R&D division. Besides the EBPG5000, BINNCAS also installed three ELPHY Quantum as SEMs attachments, which will provide high flexibility and meet the increasing ebeam nano lithography needs.


The Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems (BINN), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was jointly established by CAS and the city of Beijing in 2012.
BINN is a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary research organization engaged in research into nanoenergy and nanosystems. Its current research activities concentrate mainly on fundamental research and applications for nanogenerators, piezotronics and piezo-phototronics, nano-piezoelectric semiconductor materials, self-charging power packs, hybrid cells for harvesting multi-type energies, nano-optoelectronics technology, micro/nanosystems, coupling sensors, etc. Aiming to achieve unique innovation and key technology in the field of nanoscience, BINN’s mission is to be the center of the development and innovation of nanoenergy and nanosystems so as to promote industrialization of nanotechnology. BINN is devoting all efforts to reaching its goal of becoming a “first-class nanoenergy and nanosystems research center of the world.” 

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