Raith EBPG5200 installed at Nanjing University, China

An EBPG5200 ultra-high-performance Electron Beam Lithography system has been installed on the Xianlin campus, the new main campus of Nanjing University. Installation and acceptance testing of the new EBPG5200 system finished in August 2015.

Nanjing brief

Nanjing University, one of the top universities in China, was founded in 1902. The Research Institute of Superconductor Electronics (RISE) at Nanjing University has pioneered superconductor electronics in China for over thirty years and serves as a cradle for talent in superconductor electronics. Currently, RISE is improving its advanced micro-fabrication capability for developing superconductor devices and their applications. The EBPG5200 electron-beam lithography system will enable RISE to further strengthen its investigation and fabrication capability with respect to superconducting devices such as superconductor single photon detectors, terahertz detectors, superconducting qubit chips, etc.


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