Raith User Meetings - more than 500 users met in 2015

MNE User Meeting

For many years Raith has made it a priority to constantly stay in touch with its Users, arranging meetings to stage discussions about the most recent developments, interesting applications, and research topics. As is now traditional, one of these User Meetings was held during this year’s MNE in The Hague, the Netherlands. The conference brought together many EBL/IBL users, and on September 20th more than twenty Raith users gathered to discuss a wide range of different topics, from setting up a booking system for 24/7 multi-user occupancy to high-end applications.  Some customer presentations impressively demonstrated that sophisticated results can be achieved even with simple pattern generator attachments. Others showed that dedicated EBL enables complex optical structures like high-density diffraction gratings and 3D photonic crystals to be produced over large areas.  

Group picture User Meeting Russia
Talk during the User Meeting in Russia

User Meetings around the world

Earlier this year 40 scientists in the Russian community gathered for their 4th User Meeting at the Institute of Super High Frequencies in Moscow. The one-day program included reports from local Raith users and also review presentations provided by Raith staff. Given the research topic of the hosting institute, many user presentations focused on semiconductor device developments.

More than 100 participants joined the 2-day China User Meeting, which was hosted by the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. The meeting was perfectly organized by staff from Germantech. On day one, users presented their scientific work and their progress in processes. Raith staff gave updates about products and the company Germantech. The second day was devoted to training sessions on proximity correction, stitch-error-free writing, and system maintenance. The participants listened closely and received answers to their many detailed questions.

The most recent Raith User Meeting took place in Delhi, where Raith organized a workshop in cooperation with the Nanoscale Research Facility (NRF), Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and Simco Global Technology & Systems Ltd. The workshop provided a broad overview of electron and ion beam lithography as fundamental techniques for nanofabrication in R&D. The workshop, which was open to all interested participants, was followed by a User Meeting for existing Raith system users with the aim of exchanging knowledge and ideas. More than 120 people signed up for the workshop. 20 participants went a step further and joined the User Meeting to discuss more system-specific topics. The next Workshop and User Meeting are expected to be held in Chennai, India. 

Discussion between Dr. Huigao Duan and other Users during the Raith User Meeting in China
Participants of the workshop in India

More to come

Altogether, Raith User Meetings have again proven to be a very valuable asset for our customers as well as for Raith staff. We want to thank everybody who attended and contributed to those events, and are already looking forward to welcoming you to the next User Meetings. Check our training & education information regularly to find out more about dates and locations.  

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