Casting a new light on connectomics - "Large-Area, High-Resolution SEM Imaging" article published in Microscopy Today

Collage of multiple Large-Area SEM pictures showing the spinal cord of spinal cord

The most accurate large-area, high-resolution map of neuronal tissue ever recorded was captured by the CHIPSCANNER scanning electron microscope in a collaboration between Raith and The George Washington University, Washington, D.C. As the problem of mapping neurons for the field of connectomics is essentially a reverse engineering problem, it made perfect sense to approach it by using the CHIPSCANNER, which is an automated large-area, high-resolution SEM that has been robustly serving the IC reverse engineering community for over 15 years. 

To learn all about how the CHIPSCANNER helped with the mapping of neuronal tissue, download the full article here (this article was originally published in  Microscopy Today, Volume 24, Issue 05, September 2016, pp 28-33. Thanks to Microscopy Today and Cambridge University Press for permission to distribute this article)

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