Ready for the future – The new ionLINE Plus

Raith is proud to present the next generation of FIB nanofabrication instrumentation. The new ionLINE Plus sets new standards in automated FIB nanofabrication in terms of pattern placement accuracy, high resolution and overall stability. It features the latest-generation ion column nanoFIB Three, which ensures long-term stability due to its liquid-flow optimized ion source and patented emission control. The new 50 MHz 20 bit nanofabrication platform permits dynamic beam corrections, while the new chamber enables configurable setups with upgrade paths and future options to be implemented. Fast in-situ process development is simplified by the possibility of monitoring the FIB process instantaneously through live images and end-point graphs, and the additional process recording functionality.

screenshot showing live image and end-point graphs of FIB process
Live images and end-point graphs with recording funcitonality can be used for process development and control

As an evolution of the ionLINE with all its advantages, the ionLINE Plus is equipped with a Laser Interferometer Stage for unique-to-Raith FIB features, such as patterning beyond a single write field by means of precise stitching and truly continuous writing strategies. Furthermore, the field-proven IONselect multi-species technology is available for the ionLINE Plus and provides stable delivery of gold, silicon, and other ions with nanometer beam diameters. Finally, the system continues to provide all well-known nanoengineering options, like single and multi-line gas injection systems, nanomanipulators and a nanoprofilometer.

SEM image of a direct milled wave-guide
Direct milled wave-guide
SEM image of a 3D nanoabsorber structure
3D nanoabsorber structure

The ionLINE Plus is a high-resolution and versatile focused ion beam instrument, which combines various direct FIB processing techniques with the stability, automation, and reproducibility of a lithography instrument. It is therefore the perfect tool for simplified R&D nanofabrication with fewer processing steps and flexible process development.

To find out more about the FIB nanofabrication system ionLINE Plus visit our website or contact our Sales Manager at or via our contact form.

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