New possibilities for FIB technologies through a liquid metal alloy ion source – Publication in the AIP

While most FIB processes are based on a gallium Liquid Metal lon Source (LMIS), the changeover to a Liquid Metal Alloy Ion Source (LMAIS) offers far wider opportunities for FIB applications in the μm and nm range, due to the availability of a broad spectrum of different ion species. A recently published article in the Applied Physics Review explains how the LMAIS “represents a promising alternative to expand the remarkable application fields for FIB.” Many nanofabrication applications, such as local ion implantation, ion beam mixing, ion beam synthesis, and FIB lithography, can benefit from the extended ion supply. In addition to advantages related to lithography (e.g. direct, resistless and three-dimensional patterning), the use of different ions also allows the surface of the sample to be changed physically, chemically, magnetically, or mechanically.  There are plenty of possibilities, with almost half of all known atoms already available for FIB technology. To read the whole article, please visit A German summary can also be found under

If you are interested in using other ions than gallium for your FIB applications, please contact our sales managers at or visit our IONselect website for more information.

Photo of a Liquid Metal Alloy Ion Source
illustration of Nano FIB Three colum with IONselct option
Nano FIB Three colum with IONselct option

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