Lunch & Learn @ DPG 2018:

Advanced FIB nanofabrication with highest precision sample stage and multi-species ion beam technology

When introducing the new FIB-SEM VELION at the DPG in Berlin, we offered a Lunch & Learn session during which the capabilities of a laser interferometer controlled sample stage for nanofabrication were presented and new possibilities of various non-Ga ion species were shown.

Watch the videos below to learn about the application strengths of using a focused ion beam for unique, simplified, precise and 3-dimensional patterning processes. 


Part 1: Introduction FIB nanofabrication


Part 2: Benefits for 3D patterning

Part 3: Large area and long-term processing




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Whitepaper FIB-SEM nanofabrication

Have you read our White Paper on overcoming nanofabrication limitations yet?

Learn how to benefit from resistless FIB nanofabrication and how to get access to a wide range of applications which are beyond the reach of common FIB-SEM and EBL instruments. The White Paper highlights typical applications that can be addressed with VELION, such as 3D nanostructures at once over mm length, FIB hard masking of large area patterns and many more. Explore the enormous potential of Raith’s FIB-SEM and download the White Paper now!




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