Micrograph Award Special Edition – now with two chances to win!

As already announced last year, we have something special planned for you: the Raith Micrograph Award Special Edition 2021! Unlike the usual competition, you can now send us images of your work at the beginning of the year and get the chance to win one of three Amazon vouchers now, PLUS the possibility of winning the grand prize at the end of the year: a trip to a nanofabrication-related conference of your choice – including all travel arrangements!

So what’s different?

Not too much compared to the usual Micrograph Award. The biggest difference is that you now have the chance of winning twice instead of just once! As always, you can enter by submitting up to three micrographs of applications showing nanostructures which were created using a Raith system or lithography attachment. These submissions will than be evaluated based on

  • the uniqueness of the nanostructure,
  • the technical quality of the image, and
  • the description of the micrograph.

While consideration is given to the visual appeal of the images, the Micrograph Award singles out the micrograph with the most fascinating scientific background. Check out our gallery to see the submissions that have won in the past!

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What can I win?

The first prize in the Micrograph Award is usually a trip to a nanofabrication-related conference of your choice. This will also be the case this year after the second Micrograph Award takes place at year-end. So what’s special about the award now? Every picture submitted for the Micrograph Award now will automatically be considered for the grand prize at the end of the year, but has the chance of winning one of three Amazon vouchers now on top of that!

So make sure you register now to maximize your chance of winning! (Of course you can always participate now and submit (an)other application(s) at the end of the year.)

See how others have redeemed their prizes and be inspired by former winners here!

How do I enter?

To enter, simply visit www.raith.com/company/micrograph-award/, upload up to three micrographs of one application and describe your work and scientific motivation!

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We look forward to seeing what you are working on and wish you the best of luck!