Raith splits the atom

Find out how gratings with sub-0.1 nm pitch fidelity were achieved:

Webinar Perfecting Large Area, High Resolution SEM Imaging with 3D-Stitching

Have you already watched our webinar "Perfecting Large Area, High Resolution SEM Imaging with 3D-Stitching"? It's available on demand here:

C2N-CNRS-UPSud and Raith continue cooperation over advanced FIB nanofabrication technologies

Marcoussis / Dortmund September, 2017 - Raith and C2N-CNRS-UPSud have entered into a new research cooperation agreement over exploration of advanced technologies for far sub-10 nm nanopatterning, as required for newest generation electronic, magnetic, photonic, and plasmonic nanostructures.

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