Webinar Perfecting Large Area, High Resolution SEM Imaging with 3D-Stitching

Have you already watched our webinar "Perfecting Large Area, High Resolution SEM Imaging with 3D-Stitching"? It's available on demand here:

C2N-CNRS-UPSud and Raith continue cooperation over advanced FIB nanofabrication technologies

Marcoussis / Dortmund September, 2017 - Raith and C2N-CNRS-UPSud have entered into a new research cooperation agreement over exploration of advanced technologies for far sub-10 nm nanopatterning, as required for newest generation electronic, magnetic, photonic, and plasmonic nanostructures.

Raith Instrument Technologies

Did you know that Raith Instruments also enable Automated Large Area SEM Image Acquisition, Automated CD SEM Metrology, Linewidth and Placement Measurements as well as Electrical Probing and FIB nanofabriaction?

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