New CHIPSCANNER brochure available

Learn everything you need to know about the large-area 3D SEM imaging solution CHIPSCANNER in the updated and extended new CHIPSCANNER Series System Product Brochure or here.

Download it here

New Multi Sample Exposure Package

Raith's new Multi Sample exposure package simplifies and consolidates exposures of multiple samples from different users and user levels in a single run. It offers easy access to nanolithography for users with or without experience in electron beam lithography and is a big step towards a nano-printer.

Find out how your nanolithography job can now get done easier and faster than ever before

New publication on quantum technology

A research group headed by Prof. Weibo Gao at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, in cooperation with the Raith application team, has recently shown that ion implantation with a focused Si++ ion beam can be employed for creating active silicon vacancies in SiC.

Read more about how the ionLINE Plus permitted the scalable fabrication with a dose control down to a few ions per spot.

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