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C2N-CNRS-UPSud and Raith continue cooperation over advanced FIB nanofabrication technologies

Marcoussis / Dortmund September, 2017 - Raith and C2N-CNRS-UPSud have entered into a new research cooperation agreement over exploration of advanced technologies for far sub-10 nm nanopatterning, as required for newest generation electronic, magnetic, photonic, and plasmonic nanostructures.

In the past, the long-term partnership between Raith and C2N has led to numerous scientific results as well as significant instrumental and process achievements. After the successful EC FP5 project “NanoFIB,” in 2007 the partnership was honored with the Yves Rocard Award from the French Physics Society for its outstanding achievements in the world of physics and for its successful technology transfer.

Today Raith FIB Nanofabrication instruments, based on the unique Ga ion beam generation technologies developed by Dr. Jacques Gierak (Coordinateur "Pôle Instrumentation" at C2N), operate in leading labs worldwide from the USA and Canada to Europe, the APAC region, and Australia.

The renewed agreement will concentrate on further enhancements of resolution and fidelity in ion beam nanopatterning.

“I appreciate the continuation of our fruitful long-term relationship with C2N-CNRS-UPSud, which allows us to access leading-edge FIB technologies ranging from advanced sources to challenging applications,” says Dr. Ralf Jede, CEO Raith Group.

“Collaborating with the Raith R&D team is inspiring and efficient, thanks to the deep culture of innovation I found at Raith and in its highly qualified expert teams,” says Dr. Gierak.

 About C2N-CNRS-UPSud:

Established on June 1st 2016, the Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (C2N) was launched in the wake of the joint decision by CNRS and Université Paris-Sud to merge and gather the Laboratory for Photonics and Nanostructures (LPN) and the Institut d’Electronique Fondamentale (IEF) on a single campus site. Its location in the École Polytechnique district of the Paris-Saclay campus will be completed in 2017: the new C2N premises are currently under construction.


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