Nanofabrication community gets together for 27th Nano seminar

For the 27th time, Raith invited interested scientists to attend its Nanoseminar to hear the latest information on trends and updates within the nanotechnology industry. Over 40 people gathered to exchange ideas, listen to presentations and see Raith systems at work.

“Our aim is always to give people an idea of what is possible with our nanofabrication systems. Offering a combination of formal and informal, theoretical and practical parts, the Nanoseminar offers an exceptional opportunity to do just that,” explains Dirk Brüggemann, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Raith. Held at the Raith headquarters in Dortmund, Germany, the 27th Nanoseminar provided attendees with the opportunity to see most systems from Raith’s product portfolio at work. In addition, Raith employees presented the latest developments and possibilities within the nanofabrication world.

At the seminar, experienced Raith customers shared their experiences and the work they are doing with the audience. Dr. Ivan Maximov from the Uni Lund in Sweden described how the University has been using three generations of EBL tools for advanced nanofabrication, while Dr. Fasil Kidane Dejene from the Max Planck Institute in Halle, Germany addressed a more specific topic talking about magnetic heat valves and how they control the heat flow at the nanoscale using nanopillar magnetic / non-magnetic nanostructures. Another topic was “High resolution ion beam lithography for photonics and sensing,” presented by Dr. Gediminas Seniutinas from the Paul Scherrer Institute in Villigen, Switzerland. Last but not least, Dr. Annamaria Geradino from CNR-IFN in Rome, Italy talked about EBL-based nanofabrication at her institute.

To relax after so much information, a darts tournament closed a busy day. The event gave everyone the chance to mingle and network within the community while also having a lot of fun. On day two, the hands-on sessions on Raith systems were an excellent complement to the theoretical program of day one, and a chance for ideas and inspirations to be shared between Raith and the participants.

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