Learn everything you need to know about Electron Beam Lithography – Courses start in September

“Your challenge is our mission” is our philosophy, and drives what we do. We always want our users to get the most out of their system. To achieve this and to give our users the opportunity to learn more about the various aspects of nanolithography, a range of training courses and workshops is being offered throughout the year, addressing different aspects and different target groups. This September we will hold a Lithography Training Course (LTC) and a Technology Workshop about HSQ.

LTC – Lithography Training Course

The LTC is open for all Raith clients to learn about the theoretical background of Electron Beam Lithography as well as how to use the Raith systems and software. It is especially useful if you are seeking seamless and cost-effective transition to plug recruitment gaps if trained staff leaves. 

Technology Workshop HSQ

The technology workshop focuses on more advanced techniques, such as ultra-high-resolution EBL based on HSQ. It provides the necessary knowledge for all users of ultra-high-resolution EBL, charge compensation, or thick resist for 3D e-beam lithography. The workshop will be split into practical and theoretical sessions to best familiarize trainees with ultra-high-resolution EBL based on HSQ.

Combination of LTC and workshop

We also offer the option of combining the LTC with the HSQ workshop, to give you the opportunity to learn about the basics of Electron Beam Lithography plus more advanced techniques such as ultra-high-resolution EBL based on HSQ in just one week.

Registration has already started, so sign up now for the LTC and/or the workshop here!

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