5 reasons why Raith EBL systems offer the best solution for fast and easy DFB laser fabrication

Today’s world is shaped by the ever-increasing spread of digitalization. As data volumes expand in step with this development, demand for semiconductor laser sources is likewise keeping pace. New records for fiber transmission data rates are reported every year. Since DFB lasers have the necessary emission properties for the transmitters required in DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexed) networks, demand for DFB lasers is continuously increasing - and with it, the need to create precise gratings fast and easily.

Compared to interference lithography with UV light sources, electron beam lithography offers an effective alternative for writing laser structures. Complex grating structures can be created and new designs can be transferred immediately.

Start-, middle-, and end-section of two 2 mm long gratings. With 200.000 (upper) and 200.020 nm (lower grating) they almost look the same. The difference of 20 pm becomes visible in the number of periods (10000 in the upper, 9999 in the lower grating).

Visit our new application site for DFB lasers, and discover all five reasons why Raith's EBL tools are proven as the best way to tackle the challenges given by DFB laser makers.

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