New FIB-SEM for FIB-centric nanofabrication

Raith proudly presented VELION, the first FIB-SEM dedicated to FIB nanofabrication, at this year’s spring meeting of the German Physics Society (DPG) in Berlin. With a unique setup featuring a vertical installed FIB column, VELION is designed to meet the most demanding requirements in both R&D nano prototyping and sample preparation and microscopy.

Supported by a tailored FE-SEM column and a high-precision laser interferometer stage, VELION enables:

  • Direct and versatile FIB patterning for simplified, flexible, 3D automated processing
  • Highest-precision nanofabrication over extended areas and periods of time
  • SEM imaging for in-situ process control, inspection, and sample preparation.

The system is highly optimized for fabricating high resolution, three dimensional nanostructures like lenses, plasmonic devices, localized implantation, metamaterials, nanofluidics, and more.

Four modes, two beams, one system

As a FIB prioritized system, VELION provides a variety of direct FIB processing methods in combination with the unparalleled stability, reproducibility, automation, and high resolution of a lithography instrument. Its unique architecture offers highly versatile use in four different operation modes:

  • FIB nanofabrication,
  • sample preparation,
  • process control,
  • and e-beam lithography

are now possible with a single tool.

Unique features of a unique FIB-SEM

CAD view of VELION setup

With multiple universal ports on the vacuum chamber, VELION supports a configurable setup that can easily be upgraded in the future. Many add-on options - such as multi-species ion source for nanofabrication beyond gallium, nanoprofilometer, multiple gas injection systems, and many more - enable the system to be customized and upgraded for a wide range of applications, and helps keep pace with emerging research trends.

Click here and discover VELION, the new FIB-SEM where FIB truly comes first!

VELION introduction on the DPG – watch lunch & learn session on demand

The DPG spring meeting was the debut for the system and its fascinating range of applications. At two “Lunch & Learn” sessions, many interested visitors took the opportunity to learn how FIB excels in nanopatterning. The launch was a huge success. However, we are aware that many of our readers were unlikely to have attended the DPG, so we’ve made sure you have the opportunity to catch up with the session.

Click here to watch the video and learn all about advanced FIB nanofabrication.

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