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Raith’s Micrograph Award is entering the next round. Don’t miss your chance to win a trip to a conference of your choice by entering the annual Micrograph Award. Unlike other competitions, Raith’s Micrograph Award is not only on the lookout for attractive SEM pictures; it also takes the application, process technology, and scientific motivation behind the picture into consideration. This was clearly demonstrated in last year’s winning entries:


The first prize was a NOEMS application. Paul H. Kim of University of Alberta built a magneto-optomechanical torque sensor, which allows integration in hybrid systems. Fabrication was done in several process steps, including EBL using a RAITH150 Two. Further details are published in Nature Communications volume 8, Article number: 1355 (2017).


The second prize was related to quantum technology. Sasa Gazibegovic from TU Delft developed a new technique for bottom-up synthesis of monocrystalline InSb nanowire networks with an unprecedented yield of crossed junctions (Nature volume 548, pages 434–438). Electron beam lithography with Raith EBPG5200 was used for precise positioning of nanowire growth. The aim is to build devices for realizing Majorana zero-modes in topological quantum computing.


The third prize was an integrated-optical device, which was built by Maurangelo Petruzella at the University of Eindhoven. Two photonic crystal cavities with embedded quantum dot emitters were integrated with channel waveguides on a GaAs/AlGaAs platform. The device is a first prototype of an array of single-photon sources for quantum technology. EBL steps were performed with a Raith EBPG 5150.


Your chance to win

Have you generated some impressive micrographs too? Then enter the Raith Micrograph Award now! Submissions are accepted until September 21st and we look forward to taking a look at the incredible work you have done using a Raith system. Find out all the details and sign up here.

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