Lively exchange during the Nanolithography Symposium in Austria

The second European Symposium on Direct Write, Optical, Ion and Electron Beam Lithography took place at the IST Austria in Klosterneuburg. Over 60 scientists from all over Europe gathered to listen to interesting talks given by the participating companies, microresist, nanoscribe, Heidelberg Instruments and Raith as well as by their customers who presented their work in front of the audience.

Stefan Maier from the LMU Munich explained how he uses nanostructured metals for nanostructured light fields while Sebastian Kempf from Heidelberg University presented challenges and solutions related to the microfabrication of SQUIDs and magnetic microcalorimeters.  Furthermore Dominic Meiers from the TU Kaiserslautern talked about biomimetic photonic crystals with tailored disorder and Asli Dilara Ugurlu showed how optical polymers can be used for integrated quantum photonics.

The talks were accompanied by lively discussions which continued during the process clinic at the end of the event. We would like to thank IST for the hospitality as well as all participants and companies for a successful day in Austria! We are already looking forward to the next edition. Follow us on linkedin or facebook to be the first to know about the time and place of the next symposium or other interesting event in your area.

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