It’s on! The registration for the Micrograph Award 2019 is open now – Win a trip to a conference of your choice!

Do you work with a Raith instrument? Send us your interesting results and attractive micrographs. If your entry is chosen, we will send you to a conference of your choice – worldwide! As every year, we will pay accommodation and flights. The Micrograph Award is not about the most beautiful micrograph of your results, but the one with the most fascinating scientific background. All submissions are evaluated based on the uniqueness of the nanostructure, the technical quality of the image, and the description of the micrograph.

Application picture of a double-disk optomechanical system

Last year we were amazed by the micrograph of Christiaan Bekker from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. Bekker used a Raith eLINE Electron Beam Lithography system to develop double-disk optomechanical systems with integrated, sub-micrometer-width interdigitated electrodes deposited precisely on the device surface. After winning the Micrograph Award 2018, Bekker seized the opportunity to visit the Workshop on Optomechanics and Brillouin Scattering in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Click here to read about the success story of Christiaan Bekker.

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