Time to say goodbye – it has been a pleasure!

This year, we had to say goodbye to two of our loyal employees who have always been highly valued by our customers and co-workers - Christel Rückstein and Friedrich Bernhards. Both of them have now retired after working for decades at Raith. We would like to thank Christel and Friedrich for their work at Raith and their exceptional engagement.

Christel Rückstein retires after 19 years at Raith

Dirk Brüggemann says goodbye to Christel Rückstein on her last day

After nearly 20 years, Christel Rückstein has retired from her position as “Marketing Specialist Exhibitions and Events” at Raith and opened a new chapter in her life. Many of you might know Christel. Christel coordinated the annual Raith Nanoseminar and many User Meetings @ MNE and DPG conferences. She took care of choosing nice locations and excellent catering. Christel joined Raith in 2000 and assisted the sales team. While the company was growing, she became more and more involved in the event organization. In fact, many attendees expressed their satisfaction with the events and the social programs she had selected and organized. Christel greatly helped to cultivate a Raith image of great hospitality and customer orientation. The Raith team is thankful for her work and wishes her enjoyable times with her family after bringing her career to a close.

Friedrich Bernhards retires after 3 decades at Raith

Friedrich Bernhards giving out ice-cream at the Raith summer party

After many years, Friedrich Bernhards has retired from his position as "Senior Application Engineer" at Raith and opened a new chapter in his life. Many of you know Friedrich, maybe also as Fred. After completing teacher training, he started out writing manuals at Raith and later switched to the SQS department. He always delved into his tasks with a great eye for detail, be it at system qualification, training, installation of ELPHYs, or phone support. For many of his colleagues he was a mentor in one way or another, always happy to help with any questions.

Many of our customers knew him as an ever-helpful, ever-friendly voice on the phone; some also knew him as their teacher for the tool, as he traveled the world to introduce new users to the arcane art of electron beam lithography.

We already miss Friedrich in our everyday life and hope that his wife now enjoys his company at home as much as we did in the office. We wish you many happy years to come!

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