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Photo of the high resolution lithography system EBPG

High-resolution lithography with automation, throughput, and reliability

The EBPG is a high-performance electron lithography system. This field-proven and highly successful series has now reached a further evolutionary level. With 100 kV write mode and high-resolution lithography below 5 nm, it covers a wide range of leading edge applications for direct-write nanolithography, industry R&D, and small batch production in every kind of nanofabrication facility. With features such as

  • automated wafer and multi-sample exposures
  • easy-to-learn graphical user interface and terminal interface for scripting
  • secure multi-user environment and different access levels
  • extremely fast stage with very low settling times
  • automated 2- or 10-holder airlock, and
  • large vertical stage travel (Z-Lift) for 3D applications,

the EBPG is an extremely versatile electron beam lithography system suitable for industrial and academic use.

An 8 inch wafer is one of the possibilities to use in the 10-holder airlock

Shaping the future of nanofabrication

EBPG offers a unique combination of automation, modularity, and performance. An intuitive user interface plus automated workflow with optional data preprocessing software helps the user to focus on achieving results instead of tool handling. Furthermore, the high-resolution lithography system can be field-upgraded at any time in step with changing demands.

Evolutionary technology

As the market leader for professional electron beam lithography systems, we supply tools that are constantly used and improved at the leading edge of nanotechnology. This gives us the experience needed to confidently meet the demanding requirements of industrial clients with guaranteed stability and uptime. The EBPG allows 24/7 operation with minimal operator input for high output and yield.


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Direct write performance with overlay accuracy

≤ 5 nm

Beam current up to

350 nA

Fully automated exposure mode switching and calibration

0 manual steps

Choose the right system for your specific nanolithography requirements

The EBPG is a high-throughput, high-resolution lithography system. To meet the varied requirements of each customer, the EBPG comes in two versions, each adaptable. The EBPG5200 has full 200-mm writing capability and superb 3D capabilities, while the EBPG5150 utilizes the same universal plinth platform with a 150 mm stage suitable for all R&D and compound semiconductor manufacturing applications. To find out which configuration best suits your needs, get in touch with us.

Logo of the EBPG5200
Photo of the high resolution lithography system EBPG
Logo of the EBPG 5150
Photo of the high resolution lithography system EBPG5150
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Raith Service - with you all the way

There is no doubt that specifications and system performance parameters are drivers of decisions for EBPG; however, more factors need to be taken into consideration to ensure efficient operation, continuous uptime, and subsequent solid support over the instrument system’s lifetime.

With a worldwide team of professional service engineers, Raith Service ensures you can make the best use of your system. All site surveys with environmental measurements, support with resulting cleanroom laboratory setup, factory and on-site acceptances, and comprehensive on-site training are always included when you decide on a Raith system. Moreover, application support is available free of charge in all global time zones.

Raith service contracts are set up in a modular scheme and can be configured to match your individual requirements and budget. Visit our Service site or get in touch with us to learn more.


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